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Happy Customers

What Our Happy Customers Say About Our Foosball Tables, Poker Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Billiards Tables, Shuffleboard Tables, Table Tennis, Ping Pong Tables and Game Room Accessories. Free Shipping, No Sales Tax, And Easy Returns. Order Your Game Room Furniture Today From!

Based on 60 reviews
Thrilled with this game table!

I was thrilled with this table. I bought this table after much pondering for an Airbnb game room with a space that was too small for a larger game table. I am female and 49 years old. I am handy with a screwdriver and fought with my husband to get this table (he thought it would not be used or appreciated). This table took me two and half hours to put together, which I did while I watched a movie. Every hole was predrilled and perfectly aligned. Every part and tool was supplied. I appreciated the care of packaging and pre-drilling. The only thing I needed a second person for was the very last step to lift the table safely up onto the supports. I LOVE what this table does for my family and guests. Teens, persons just turning 21, and kids under 10, all hung out at the table all weekend. The kids were OFF their phones. This has never happened in our family. The kids laughed and talked to each other. The table was the magic catalyst for all ages to connect. My husband rescinded his criticism of my decision to buy this "unnecessary cost". I am thrilled to know that more families with normally non-communicative kids can find memories and laughter together. PERFECT accessory and worth every penny! The older kids like the pool table best, the middle teens like the ping pong best, the younger kids like the air hockey best. The adults needed a shelf nearby for beer:)

Perfect size and lots of fun for the family

Arrived in excellent condition and with the help of two teens was easy to put together

Glad to hear the family is enjoying it Amy! Thanks for shopping with :)

Fits perfectly in my husband's man cave!

Purchased for my husband who couldn't be happier.

Looks great in your man cave Candy! Thanks for shopping with :)

Great pool table for the price!

No issues with assembly. The table top is extremely heavy, so just make certain you have at least one other person to help you.

Good for my man cave

It is not a professional table but good enough for me. Legs are a little hard to assemble. Looks good for my man cave!

Nice addition to your game room Rick! Thanks for shopping with :)

Mancave must have!

I absolutely love this table. The quality is amazing and the game play feels like your in a gameroom. Set up instructions are a bit incomplete but their YouTube assembly video helped out tremendously. Table was a little hard to get up stairs because it's heavy. But I am very pleased. My mancave looks awesome. And my buddies love it!

Looks great Derek! Thanks for shopping with :)

A great table but requires time to properly put together and level

Three months in and the table still rolls true and is holding up great! After reading a ton of reviews of this table, I took the plunge and bought it a couple of months ago. It’s been a month since we started using it on a regular basis so I figured now would be a good time to write a review about it. The balancing/leveling process took a few attempts over multiple days to get it perfect, but once it was done, the table has been true ever since. For the price, you can’t beat this table. Who knows how long it will last but for now, we couldn’t be any happier with it, and the whole family is having a ton of fun!

Looks great in your family game room Brennan! Thanks for shopping with :)

Awesome table

Table looks amazing, no damage at all, the legs were a little frustrating putting together but I assembled the entire table in less than 2 hours. Delivery was excellent they even scheduled me 4 days earlier than expected. The felt is a whool blend, but still a high quality, just thicker than what some may be used to, balls will run a little slower; that is not a bad thing. Rails are awesome and have amazing rebound. This table for the price is no different than any higher $2,000+ table. This table exceeded my expectations and I am an avid pool player.

Glad to hear it exceeded your expectations Stephen, enjoy! Thanks for shopping with :)

Great Bang for the Puck!

Just got this table for my kids (age 11 and 8) and two adults. So far very pleased!

Received in a flat rectangular box, and was dropped off in our Garage. (see photos)
Reading the other reviews, and since it was just myself and the wife at home to carry everything, I opened the box in the garage, and brought down the parts of the table separately to our basement. The heaviest part was the Top of the table, which I took off and the two of us carried it down to the basement first. The rest of the table was easier and lighter.

Assembly took a little longer for me than the other reviews I read here... It probably took me a good 2 hours, but I took my time and really read everything slowly. Instructions were pretty easy, but sometimes assumes that you know to screw the same things to the "other side" and this is not clearly written out in the instruction book (but intuitive).

The turning mechanism works well, and is easy to flip over. I did notice that one corner of the table did occasionally rub against one of the table supports, but it still worked fine.

Overall, the 3-in-1 functionality outweighs the smaller size, especially for kids, and it looks nice in our basement!

Glad the whole family is enjoying it Lisa! Thanks for shopping at :)

We love it!!

We love this pool table. It was relatively easy to put together and is lots of fun for our whole family!

Glad you're enjoying the pool table Stephanie! Thanks for shopping with :)

This is a great table for the price

I assembled it solo in about 90 minutes. I had a couple of friends over to flip it over, then leveled it out in about 30 minutes. It is a very nice looking table and is plenty good enough for me to practice on, without breaking the bank.

Looks great in your game room Josh! Thanks for shopping with :)

Nice 3-in-1 Table

The Fat Can 3-in-1 (7 foot) table works perfect for my space using shorter pool cue sticks and was able to bring it upstairs and put it together. The pool table plays nice and flat, dead level using a calibrated digital 3 foot level on all side right out of the box maybe got lucky, the ping pong table is in 3 pieces making it easy to take off by your self but still plays great and is a favorite in the family.

Excited to hear it's a family favorite Thomas! Thanks for shopping with :)

Great pool table

We bought this new a few years ago, we use it every week, just the best for our space!

Glad to hear you're loving your pool table Daniel! Thanks for shopping with :)


I grew up playing competitive foosball. This is the first home foosball table that performs the same as bar tables. I LOVE IT!!!

Glad to hear you're loving it Jim! Thanks for shopping with :)

If you want the best, then this is your foosball table!

I grew up playing with my siblings on a lightweight foosball table, probably weighing less than 50 pounds. This 300+ pound table is built like a brick house and not going anywhere, even in the most intense play. Everything about this table screams quality, durability, smoothness, and fun. Super easy to level- with the oversized leveling feet, the men spin effortlessly- with the silky smooth bearings and the slick playing surface allows unbelievably fast play. If you want the best table that can last for generations and hours upon hours of playing fun, look no further and never regret the- I wish I spent a little bit more for the best. Set up was a breeze- done in under an hour. I set the table up with my wife- but I would suggest two strong individuals to set it up, as it was a challenge for my wife to help me carry the pieces downstairs and into the basement.

Yes, it's hands down the highest quality table we sell Matt! Thanks for shopping with :)

Love it

Easiest assembly ever. Was playing in 15 min. Wish every manufacture made it this easy. Table is sweet can't go wrong.

Excited to hear assembly was easy and that you were playing in no time Mark! Thanks for shopping with :)

The best table on the market. Period.

Easily the best table you can buy. Players are perfectly balanced and you have extreme ball control. They can also handle some pretty hardcore abuse. We bought the first for our office and it basically deals with 30-40 games a day every day. After more than a year, the handles show a little wear but it's otherwise pretty perfect.

Happy to hear you found the perfect table Jeff! Thanks for shopping with :)

Ultra heavy duty and high quality.

Bought for the office. Showed up quickly. Easy to assemble - definitely a multi-person job since it’s so heavy. No real tools needed. Everyone loves it - very high quality and super durable. Men are well balanced. Table completely flat.

Great to hear you love the table quality Derek! Thanks for shopping with :)

Best Foosball Table made in America

I have had this table for about a year and it is amazing! Plays just like the old tables when I was a kid in the 70's. Heavy, solid and made to take a beating - just like the tables at a bowling alley. Only complaint would be the ball drop. No cup to hold the ball before releasing it into play so gameplay is fast (most people prefer this anyways but took 1 star off my review because I'm a beginner). If you like foosball and want a solid table that will last a lifetime - buy this table! Worth every penny!

So fun to hear it brings back memories from when you played foosball as a kid Lori! Thanks for shopping with :)


Extremely expensive but worth every penny. An absolute joy to play on this table. My friends are all jealous. I thought it would be a pain to put together but it was a snap with two guys. About 20 minutes from unboxing to playing. You get what you pay for.

We're so glad to hear Jeremy! Thanks for shopping with :)


I've had this Foosball table for about a month and absolutely love it. I'm 51 and grew up playing on a similar table at the roller skating rink and arcades.

Packaging is good, but could use some improvement. It arrived on a pallet in two large boxes. One box contains the top which is completely pre-assembled and well protected. The second box contains the base along with the legs and other miscellaneous parts. This is the box that needs improvement. Many of the parts are loose in the box, so if it gets turned on it's side (I had to do this to get it down the basement stairs), parts will bang into each other. In my case, part of the ball return was damaged due to legs and other parts not being secured in the box. Lesson learned...don't tip the box containing the base.

Assembly is fairly simple, but you will need a second person (maybe a third to make it even easier). The instruction manual is not the greatest, but there's really not much assemble required. You attach the legs, put a couple ball return parts in place, and then attached the top. Attaching the top is where you'll need help as you have to hold the heavy top and line it up with the hinges on one side. I probably spent more time leveling the table than I did assembling it. With the right muscles on hand, it's super easy.

Game play is amazing and brought back the sights and sounds of my childhood. The ball makes a beautiful ping noise as it's blasted into the back of the goal. The handles and bars are heavy duty and smooth. The table comes with oil to enhance that smoothness. You also get three balls in the box, so no need to buy anything else initially.

If you want the best, this is it. I highly recommend this Foosball table and expect to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of it. This is absolutely a 5 star product.

We appreciate your review and thrilled that you're loving your new foosball table Jeff! Thanks for shopping with :)

Fun for the whole family and easy to set up

Set up was easy, only 2 hours to get it together! My kids love it!

Air hockey is AWESOME

Great table! My kids and their friends have already spent hours playing pool, air hockey and ping pong. Air flow is powerful and even on the air hockey side. Set up took a little while but the video tutorial was super helpful!

Rec room must have!

Fantastic table... easy to assemble! Great addition to basement rec room!

Gift for grandsons who love it

My grandsons love their game table. It was a great Christmas gift. It’s wonderful because it changes into 3 different games. Hours of family fun.